Nexelon Wire Shelving, 30"W X 18"D X 63"H

Nexelon Wire Shelving, 30"W X 18"D X 63"H

  • $147.61

Nexelon 30"W X 18"D X 63"H Wire Shelving

Premium quality, exclusive Nexelon wire shelving has a unique, super-tough finish that withstands wet, hot or cold extremes. The brilliant blue metallic surface resists impacts and chemicals, includes a limited lifetime guarantee against corrosion and features Nexgard, an anti microbial agent that protects the epoxy coating from growth of bacteria, mildew and molds.

The 3 phase, proprietary finishing process forms an actual bond with the carbon steel structure: first the frame is electroplated with zinc chromate, then coated with the exclusive Nexelon treatment and finally oven cured for a permanent bond. These Nexel Shelving Units assemble easily and allow shelf adjustments at 1" increments without tools on numbered posts.

Starter Unit includes 4 posts with leveling feet, 4 wire shelves and plastic snap on sleeves to secure shelves to posts.