Dyneema® Sleeve, MEMPHIS GLOVE 9318D10, 1 Each

Dyneema® Sleeve, MEMPHIS GLOVE 9318D10, 1 Each

  • $10.70

18" 10 Gauge Dyneema® Sleeve, 1 Each

One of the most distinguishing Dyneema® characteristics is its cool-to-touch property. Dyneema® fiber's inherent ability to dissipate body heat and pass moisture from inside of the glove to the outside, results in longer wear time which promotes greater hadn protection. Achieves a CE cut score of 3 and a CPPT score of 2.

  • Dyneema® is comparable to aramids and much better than traditional materials like leather, cotton, and nylon
  • Disperses heat four times faster than aramids, cotton and leather, ensuring that the gloves feel cool and comfortable
  • Dyneema® is able to bend and move in a very flexible way
  • Due to its high tenacity (strength) it is extremely resistant to tears which increases the life of Dyneema® products
  • Cut Resistant - CE score of 3, CPPT2
  • Launderable

  • Air Conditioning Manufacturing
  • Assembly Line
  • Cut Protection
  • Food Service
  • Glass Handling
  • HVAC
  • Warehousing