Bluff® 20C6072 Steel Red Pin Heavy Duty Dock Board 60 x 72 20,000 Lb. Cap.

Bluff® 20C6072 Steel Red Pin Heavy Duty Dock Board 60 x 72 20,000 Lb. Cap.

  • $1,509.77


Dual Positioning Pins on Each Side Offer Added Flexibility and Safety!!

This Dock Board is the perfect solution for difficult angled parking situations when a trailer just can't get up to the dock (known as park-out). The dock board is even flexible enough to handle refrigerated trailers and overseas containers. Full-length side pockets and four 1" diameter high-strength locking pins on 2" centers offer increased adjustability and safety. Trucks below dock level are able to utilize the board without having to turn it around. Fold-down 11"W x 4-˝"H lifting loops (on 27" centers) allow for easy forklift transport and positioning. Contoured curbs prevent runoffs and forklift tire damage. All-welded steel construction for high-traffic, multiple-shift docks. Includes one 7° bend 17-˝" from the dock end and one 9° bend 8" from the truck end. Complies with OSHA spec. 1910.30(A) and ANSI spec. MH30.2.

CAPACITY is the combined weight of your maximum pallet load and lift truck. Capacity is rated for equipment speeds of 3 mph maximum. Stackers and other narrow aisle loaders should not be used on a dock board.

WIDTH should be 12" greater than lift truck or load. Usable width is 6" less than overall width.

** The HT" DIFFERENCE UP is the height difference above the dock.
14% Grade applies to Pallet Trucks and Electric Forklifts. 19% Grade applies to Gas Powered Forklifts.