3M™ 60440160012 Trizact™ Cloth Belt 237AA, 5"W x 73"L, A80 Grit

  • $29.91

3M™ 237AA Trizact™ Cloth Belt 5" x 73" A80 Grit Aluminum Oxide

Industries Include Builders Hardware, Medical Instruments, Metal Fabrication, Metal Implants, Plating & Polishing, Plumbing Fixtures, Turbine Engines. Applications are Blending, Centerless & Cylindrical Grinding, Finishing, Flat Finishing, Refining, Stroke Sanding. 3M™ Trisect™ Cloth Belt 237AA uses proprietary micro replication technology where micron-graded aluminum oxide particles are formed into tiny pyramids of abrasive mineral and then coated on an X weight cloth backing. As these pyramids wear, fresh, sharp mineral is continually exposed to produce a consistent cut and a predictable, fine finish